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 Posy Wedding Bouquets
Posy Bouquet

Posy wedding bouquets continue to be a popular choice among our brides. I believe this is because this bouquet style has a contemporary look and is easy to hold It is amazing how this simple type of bouquet can be styled in so many different ways. An experienced florist will be able to advise you on how to make your posy fit in with your look and colour theme. Here are some ideas if you are choosing posy bridal flowers Flowers to Use in Your Posy Wedding Bouquet.

 If you are looking to create a natural fresh style a mixture of flowers achieves this wonderfully. Many different types of flowers can be used in a posy bouquet, but I think this style of bouquet particularly suits flowers such as roses, gerberas, peonies, tulips and rununculus.

Mixed Flower Posy Wedding Bouquets
Posy Boquet
With the mixed flower posy bouquet you can be quite clever with your use of colour.
For instance the bouquet you see here was made for a bridesmaid wearing a dress in exactly the same shade of lilac as the sweet pea. So you can mix flowers and also coordinate colours. This photograph also illustrates the lovely dome shape to the bouquet that florists strive for when creating this type of hand tied bouquet. Careful use of foliage can add style and interest to your bouquet without having to add in other flowers.
The stems of your bouquet can be fully covered in satin ribbon or silk to coordinate with the wedding colours. Alternatively a shorter ribbon can be used which leaves the lower parts of the stems exposed. Shorter ribboning has the advantage of allowing you to stand the bouquet up in a vase of water, prior to use or during the meal. This could be important if you are concerned about your wedding flowers drying out, or you just want to add another decoration to the wedding table. I've noticed it’s becoming more and more popular to have additional decoration to the bride’s bouquet using accessories such as diamantes, feathers, and butterflies etc. These things can all be easily incorporated into a posy bouquet, and are a great way to make your wedding flowers unique.

I hope you’ve now got a few ideas of how you can achieve a variety of looks for your posy wedding bouquet.

Cascade Wedding BouquetsCascase Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Cascade wedding bouquets are a classic style of bridal flowers. And they continue to be a popular choice among our brides. There is an endless variety of ways to style your bouquet, and a good florist will be able to create something that is unique to you. The thing they all have in common is an elegant 'flowing' form, and a 'trail' at the front of the design. Cascade bouquets are also known as shower bouquets and waterfall bouquets.

Flowers to Use in Cascade Wedding Bouquets
Cascade Wedding bouquet
It is possible to design a stunning bouquet using just one type of flower; or you can mix up different types and colours of flowers to create something really special.

Calla lilies work well in shower bouquets as they have long slender stems. Roses can work well for the same reason. Other flowers that can be used include veronica, freesias and lisianthus. Truly beautiful bouquets can be produced with orchids with phalaenopsis orchids being particularly attractive. Some people think that cascade bouquets are a bit old-fashioned. Not so! There are plenty of ways to add a contemporary twist to this style of bouquet. One way is to use tropical flowers. Forget carnations and chrysanthemums and choose colourful anthuriums and orchids instead.

A more modern look can also be achieved by the imaginative use of foliage, and accessories such as beads and decorative wire. 


Feel free to phone us or call in to the shop to discuss any Ideas you have for your wedding flowers. Remember these are just some of the possibilities for your Bridal Bouquet, part of the fun in planning your wedding is trawling the internet and magazines for ideas. We are here to help you get the look that you want for your big day and our flexibility and experience will ensure that your flowers are perfect!